iA Financial Group has partnered with Forstrong Global Asset Management and Fidelity Investments to launch four global segregated funds.

The funds are as follows:

  • Global Diversified Fixed Income (Forstrong)
  • Global Diversified Equity (Forstrong)
  • Fidelity Global Monthly Income
  • Fidelity Global Concentrated Equity

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Geoff Stein and David Wolf are principal portfolio managers of the Fidelity Global Monthly Income Fund, which provides exposure to equities and fixed-income securities, and access to asset classes not easily available to individuals.

In the Fidelity Global Concentrated Equity, portfolio manager Patrice Quirion is putting together a concentrated portfolio of his preferred securities.

Indexia funds

iA Financial Group is also launching the Indexia funds, a family of five low-cost global index portfolios. A release notes these funds are comprised of recognized stock indexes and are for all types of investors: prudent, moderate, balanced, growth and aggressive.

The new Indexia funds offer a management expense ratio of 1.95% (in Classic Series 75/75) and passive management with monthly rebalancing.

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