Fidelity Investments Canada has launched the Fidelity Global Intrinsic Value Class and Fidelity American Balanced Fund.

Managed by Joel Tillinghast, Fidelity Global Intrinsic Value Class is an opportunistic global equity strategy that can invest in companies across the market cap spectrum with a particular emphasis on small- and mid-cap stocks.

It aims to deliver long-term capital growth through a value investment framework that seeks to identify high-quality companies the portfolio management team believes can compound returns over time by growing their intrinsic worth.

Fidelity American Balanced Fund is a growth-focused U.S. balanced solution. The fund will aim to achieve long-term growth by investing across a range of equities and fixed-income securities in the U.S. and around the world.

The fund will offer a tactical mix of equity and fixed-income securities, with a bias toward equities to provide the potential for higher returns.

Fidelity American Balanced Fund generally invests 65% in equities and 35% in fixed-income and short-term securities. The equity portion will invest in Fidelity American Equity Fund managed by Steve MacMillan and Fidelity Global Intrinsic Value Investment Trust managed by Joel Tillinghast and Salim Hart. Geoff Stein and David Wolf will manage the overall asset allocation of the fund.

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