Several Canadian banks—RBC, CIBC, TD Bank Group and National Bank—have been recognized as some of the country’s best diversity employers.

All have been named as winners of the 2014 Canada’s Best Diversity Employers competition. The full list of winners includes the names of 55 employers who lead the nation when it comes to creating inclusive workplaces for employees from five diverse groups: women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, Aboriginal peoples, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender peoples.

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The list is compiled each year by the editorial team at the Canada’s Top 100 Employers project, and the companies will be named a luncheon today in Toronto.

“Creating an inclusive workplace isn’t just about doing the right thing or even regulatory compliance anymore,” says Richard Yerema, author of Canada’s Top 100 Employers at Mediacorp Canada. “The leaders who manage the nation’s most successful organizations now realize that you can’t lead your industry without [diversity].”

A word from the winners

  • RBC’s chief HR officer Zabeen Hirji says, “We create opportunities for everybody to contribute and achieve their full potential. We’re proud to be recognized for our progress and achievements, but this is a journey and there is still more to do.” Addressing unconscious bias is the next frontier for RBC, adds the bank.
  • CIBC’s Jacqueline Moss, executive VP of HR, says, “Diversity is a key component of our culture…Employees of all backgrounds are celebrated for their unique skills, perspectives, and experiences.”
  • National Bank’s Lynn Jeanniot, executive VP of HR and corporate affairs, says, “One of [our] top priorities is to showcase the talents of all our employees, regardless of their cultural origin, age, gender or sexual orientation.”
  • TD Bank Group hasn’t yet released a statement, but those who run the competition chose the bank due its inclusive culture and its efforts over the last year to promote diversity. Among the reasons listed, the editorial team says TD’s established a formal diversity leadership council and hosted several events for employees. It also provides diversity and inclusion training for all staff members.

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