Over the years, we’ve talked to thousands of Canadian advisors. And many have mentioned they need content geared toward non-English speakers.

In some cases, those advisors were of Asian or South Asian descent. While entirely comfortable in English themselves, they lamented difficulties reaching out to new arrivals – or the parents of some existing clients – because there weren’t enough materials covering financial topics in people’s preferred languages.

“English is my first language, but I speak a couple of South Asian languages. The thing is, I don’t read or write well in any of them,” notes one advisor who helped us develop this offering. “When you’re prospecting, you want the translated articles.”

That lack of materials has exacerbated language barriers and, advisors have told us, diminished wealth-building opportunities for many first-generation Canadians.

Advisor to Client’s New Canadians Initiative aims to help change that by adding three language choices – simplified Chinese, Hindi and Punjabi – for our most popular articles. For instance:

You can get to the translated version by clicking on the relevant language.

Sharing articles works the same way it does on the regular Advisor to Client interface. You simply choose the article in the language you want to share, click the email button on the top right:

You’ll be taken to a page where you can add the client’s email address. Plus, a subject line and short message, in the same language as the article, are pre-populated. You can sign your name or add your signature to the end of the email.

And, just like Advisor to Client, the email recipient is taken to a locked page, from which he can’t navigate away – ensuring you control the information flow.

This new offering should help build your business and improve your client communications. We hope you enjoy using it.

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Originally published on Advisor.ca

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