Are you passionate about boosting financial literacy across Canada?

If so, consider applying to be a member of the national Steering Committee, which will be led by Financial Literacy Leader Jane Rooney. The committee will be responsible for developing Canada’s financial literacy strategy, as well as for monitoring how well the strategy is being adopted across various sectors.

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Members will be invited to sit for two years on the committee. They’ll be called to meet at least three times a year.

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Starting now, Rooney and Kevin Sorenson, minister of state (finance), will be taking applications and considering the roles, experience and achievements of all who apply.

A statement released yesterday says, “Members will be selected from the public (federal and provincial), non-profit and private sectors from across Canada, including representatives of the financial services industry,” such as those who work at banks, credit unions, insurance companies and investment firms.

To find out more and/or apply, click here.


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