Make sure your clients know what it means to be an estate executor.

They may believe being an executor for a friend or loved one is a simple matter of letting children know what they’ve been left in the will. But there are responsibilities to the family, to the estate and to the government.

With the resources on AdvisorToClient, you can help your clients get a handle on the serious nature of serving as an executor. Check out these client-friendly articles:

Your role as executor

Hiring an executor

Prevent estate battles

Assigning power of attorney with confidence

They’re easy to share, just use the email tool on each article page, or share them using LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. And don’t worry, if you use our share tools the versions you send clients won’t link back to AdvisorToClient or Advisor.ca.

If a client mentions she’s been named an executor, go over her future responsibilities to ensure she knows what she’s getting into. You can also help her apply for official probate status with the province.

Or, if she mentions she’ll be naming someone for her own estate soon, ensure she knows what to look for in an executor.

Your clients need to be prepared so they can stay the course in emotionally trying times. Show them how with these articles.

And of course there are many more helpful resources to explore on AdvisorToClient.

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