Four new ETFs from BMO AM have started trading on the TSX.

The ETFs seek to help investors manage risk, enhance yield and provide exposure to international markets.

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BMO Low Volatility International Equity ETF (Ticker: ZLI): This fund’s meant for investors looking for potential long-term growth through international equities with greater downside protection than market-capitalization-weighted products.

BMO International Dividend Hedged to CAD ETF (Ticker: ZDH): This ETF also seeks to provide the growth opportunities of international equities and is designed for yield-oriented investors.

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BMO Europe High Dividend Covered Call Hedged to CAD ETF (Ticker: ZWE): This fund is for investors looking for higher-dividend-paying European securities with the addition of yield through a covered call overlay.

BMO US Put Write ETF (Ticker: ZPW)/BMO US Put Write ETF in U.S. Dollar Units (Ticker: ZPW.U): This is the first put-write ETF in Canada. This alternative income strategy writes put options on a basket of U.S. large-cap equities to generate income with low correlation to other asset classes.

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