BMO Asset Management Inc. has reduced the maximum annual management fee on several of its ETFs.

“We’re committed to the ongoing review of our pricing strategy in order to benefit existing unitholders,” says Kevin Gopaul, CIO and senior vice president, BMO Asset Management Inc. “We partner closely with our unitholders and work to deliver effectively-priced core ETFs that track the market-leading benchmarks as identified by clients.”

Effective April 30, 2014, the changes are as follows:

Index ETFs Ticker Current fee (%) New fee (%)
BMO S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index ETF ZCN 0.150 0.050
BMO S&P 500 Hedged to CAD Index ETF ZUE 0.150 0.100
BMO MSCI EAFE Hedged to CAD Index ETF ZDM 0.350 0.200
BMO MSCI Emerging Markets Index ETF ZEM 0.450 0.250
BMO Short Corporate Bond Index ETF ZCS 0.300 0.120
BMO S&P 500 Index ETF ZSP/ZSP.U 0.150 0.100
BMO MSCI EAFE Index ETF ZEA 0.300 0.200

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