Canadian investors have a positive outlook on their personal financial situations. In fact, investor confidence this year increased seven points on the Standard Life Investor Confidence Index.

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“Investors seem to have lingering concerns about the overall state of the economy, but they are quite satisfied with their own financial situation and acknowledge that they are primarily responsible for their retirement savings,” says Anna DelBalso, associate vice president, Market and Business Intelligence at Standard Life.

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The Index shows Canadians are more satisfied with their personal financial situations (65%) and feel more secure about their employment situations (55%), compared to two years ago. When it comes to ensuring they have sufficient savings to retire, three-quarters believe they play the most important role, followed by government authorities (56%), employers (52%) and financial institutions (39%).

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“A subset of Canadians has already taken advantage of the market movements, but the vast majority is not there yet,” says DelBalso. “While investors are satisfied with their own financial situation, most of them still seem concerned about the economy and more focused on protecting their capital rather than maximizing their investments.”

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