CI Investments Inc. has launched G5|20i, a retirement solution for investors who require immediate guaranteed cash flow.

The new fund complements the G5|20 fund, which provides guaranteed cash flow after a five-year accumulation phase. Both funds are part of G5|20 Series and each provides 20 years of guaranteed cash flow, growth potential and protection from market downturns.

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“These enhancements add to the value and flexibility of G5|20 Series, a retirement solution that offers millions of Canadian baby boomers both a dependable cash flow and potential for growth from their savings,” says Derek J. Green, President of CI.

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Highlights include:

  • Choice of two funds: the new G5|20i for immediate cash flow, and G5|20 for cash flow after a five-year accumulation phase;
  • Automatic locking in of a portion of fund gains so that cash flow can increase but never decrease;
  • 5% cash flow for 20 years, guaranteed by Bank of Montreal;
  • Strategies to capture market gains and protect against downturns;
  • A low volatility investment strategy;
  • Simplicity and liquidity of a mutual fund, with investors able to redeem daily at the current market value. The remaining units will continue to distribute guaranteed cash flow;
  • A diversified portfolio of Canadian and global equity and income securities managed by CI’s award-winning portfolio management teams;
  • Active asset allocation, managed by CI Investment Consulting, an in-house team that oversees over $20 billion in CI’s managed solutions;
  • Eligibility for registered and non-registered accounts; and
  • Tax-efficient cash flow for non-registered accounts.

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