The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board says it got “a significant uplift” from global equity markets during the second quarter ended in June, resulting in a 1.8% rate of return after costs.

The CPPIB says the pension fund’s long-term rates of return are, as a result, well above the minimums required to be sustainable for decades. Publicly traded equities made up 38.9% of the fund’s total assets, or $126.9 billion, as of June 30.

The fund also invests in private equity, government bonds, credit investments, real estate, infrastructure and other assets.

The Toronto-based fund manager ended the quarter with $326.5 billion in net assets, up $9.8 billion from March 31 when CPPIB’s 2017 financial year ended.

The CPPIB says its 10-year rate of return after accounting for expenses and inflation was 5.2%.

The Chief Actuary of Canada estimates the fund can be sustainable for 75 years with an average rate of return of 3.9%.

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