The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) has released its 2014 Enforcement Report, detailing the overall enforcement work done by CSA members against those who breach Canada’s securities laws. In 2014, CSA concluded a total of 105 cases against 92 individuals and 189 companies.

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Other highlights:

  • Cases concluded against 144 respondents by contested hearings, 78 respondents by settlement agreement and 33 respondents by court decision.
  • Cases concluded resulting in:
    • Fines and administrative penalties of more than $58 million;
    • Almost $66 million in restitution, compensation and disgorgement; and
    • Jail sentences totalling seven and a half years handed down to five individuals.
  • 105 cases commenced against a total of 149 individuals and 106 companies.
  • 24 freeze orders issued against a total of 57 individuals and companies, involving more than $18 million in assets in bank accounts.

The 2014 Enforcement Report is accessible from the CSA website and from the websites of various CSA members.

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