To save you time, we’ve created emails you can personalize and send to clients on the important topics they want your guidance on.

It’s another helpful feature of AdvisorToClient—the new section of Advisor.ca designed to facilitate your conversations with clients. Besides email shares, the site is full of Action Steps, Conversation Starters and other tools help invigorate your client relationships.

To use these emails, just copy our template into your email application, choose which stories you’d like to pass along to particular clients, and hit send.

Subject Line: Financial planning advice for young professionals

Dear XXX,

As a young professional, you face plenty of financial and tax challenges.

You’re focused on paying off debt, saving for a home and planning for the long run. It’s a lot to take on.

I’d like to set up a meeting to discuss how to meet all these goals with you.

Before we meet, I’d like you to take a look at a few articles that lay the groundwork for the discussion we’ll be having:

Do twenty- and thirty-somethings need wills?

Marriage contracts are critical

Should you rent or buy?

Don’t co-sign a mortgage

You want to start your adult life on sure footing. Let’s talk about what we need to do now so we can make sure that happens.



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