Millennials are not that different from other generations when it comes to what they want in the workplace. That’s because both millennials and non-millennials prefer face-to-face communication. Further, 48% of millennials prefer virtual means of communication as well, compared to 37% of non-millennials, finds a Deloitte survey.

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Core work values are similar between both groups with the majority of millennials (70%) and non-millennials (76%) agreeing that adding value to an organization is important to their jobs.

Findings also show that employers are changing, offering more flexibility, open and tech-friendly environments. While about 90% of employees prefer to work at the office, they still want the option of working from home. Further, 62% of millennials and 59% of non-millennials feel open and connected to their coworkers, and two-thirds agree they seek such connections in an ideal workplace.

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“As more millennials begin their careers, the workforce and how people behave and connect with one another will continue to change,” says Karen Pastakia, partner, Consulting at Deloitte. “Creating a workplace that keeps pace with these changes will be an important differentiator for those organizations that get it right.”

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