Fidelity Investments Canada has launched the Fidelity Investment Grade Total Bond Fund, managed by Jeff Moore and Michael Plage.

The fund offers a fixed-income strategy that targets multiple return sources from U.S. and global issuers, with an emphasis on investment-grade securities. A currency-neutral version of the fund is also available.

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New from Mackenzie

Mackenzie Investments plans to launch 13 ETFs. The initial offering of the six ETFs below has closed, and they begin trading today.

ETF Ticker symbol Exchange
Mackenzie Canadian Equity 
Mackenzie Canadian Large 
Cap Equity Index ETF QCE TSX
Mackenzie International 
Equity Index ETF QDX TSX
Mackenzie U.S. Large Cap 
Equity Index ETF QUU TSX
Mackenzie U.S. High Yield 
Bond Index ETF (CAD-
hedged) QHY TSX
Mackenzie U.S. TIPS Index 

The following seven ETFs are expected to begin trading when the markets open on the dates indicated.

ETF Ticker symbol Exchange List date
Mackenzie Canadian 
Aggregate Bond Index ETF QBB TSX Jan. 29
Mackenzie Canadian All 
Corporate Bond Index ETF QCB NEO Jan. 29
Mackenzie Canadian Short-
Term Bond ETF QSB TSX Jan. 29
Mackenzie International 
Equity Index ETF (CAD-
Hedged) QDXH TSX Jan. 29
Mackenzie U.S. Investment 
Grade Corporate Bond 
Index ETF (CAD-hedged) QUIG TSX Jan. 29
Mackenzie U.S. Large Cap 
Equity Index ETF (CAD-
hedged) QAH TSX Jan. 29
Mackenzie China A-Shares 
CSI 300 Index ETF QCH NEO Feb. 1

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