Tell us what you really think! That’s how some may respond to the Venture Capital Markets Association’s spirited call to get rid of IIROC and usher in major change at the British Colombia Securities Commission.

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Not to leave anyone out, the group also targets “the banks that control the major stock exchanges” in a missive against what it claims are job-killing forces that need to be stopped in their tracks, reports Resource Clips.

“The group fears for the viability of the junior exploration sector, already hammered by the lengthy downturn. ‘Strangulation through regulation’ threatens the juniors’ ability to raise capital, the VCMA argues. As a result the entire sector, and the thousands of jobs it supports, faces a ‘death knell.’”

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Aw c’mon, where else would failed ex-advisors find work if it weren’t for IIROC and the MFDA? At least cops who work in Internal Affairs are still cops…

Monday, September 21 @ 1:18 pm //////


Hooray for the VCMA.

This same travesty exists throughout the industry in the MFDA as well as IIROC and is driving all the Independents out of business and substantially increasing costs for Advisors many spending 30% or more of their time on compliance issues while the Banks automate it all because of their larger scale. I once did a client-held transfer for husband and wife that took 134 pages!!! There are no young people coming into the business because it is being choked to death by regulators.

Change is long overdue.

My hope is this creates a groundswell which I would certainly support.

Monday, September 14 @ 12:29 pm //////

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