In June, final asset flow figures for hedge funds “revealed managers raked in performance-based gains of US$8.8 billion,” says a Eurekahedge report.

At the same time, managers also “recorded net asset inflows of US$8.7 billion as hedge funds continued to attract strong capital allocations from investors.”

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The news isn’t as good for July. That’s because “preliminary data…shows managers have posted performance-based losses of US$5.5 billion [so far], while also recording net outflows of US$4.9 billion.”

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Based on those results, the current AUM of the global hedge fund industry is a total of US$2.12 trillion.

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Hedge fund highlights for July

  • Investor allocations for 2014 reached US$70.9 billion, despite muted hedge fund returns of 2.82% year-to-date
  • European hedge funds attracted US$33.4 billion in net asset flows as at July 2014, up from US$29.4 billion over the same period last year
  • Assets under management of North American hedge funds surpassed the US$1.4 trillion mark, with assets growing by US$62.6 billion in 2014
  • Long/short equity (US$55.5 billion), fixed-income (US$15.6 billion) and multi-strategy funds (US$10.1 billion) retained the top three slots in terms of investor allocations
  • The population of CTA/managed futures funds shrank by 93 funds in the first half of the year, and there’ve been net asset outflows of US$11.5 billion as of July 2014 year-to-date
  • Asia ex-Japan hedge funds outperform all other regional mandates since they’re up 6.50% year-to-date and they’ve seen their AUM grow by US$6.5 billion this year

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