Rouge Valley Health System in Scarborough, Ont. is facing a $412-million class-action lawsuit after two employees sold the personal information of 8,300 new mothers to RESP companies, reports CP24.

The OSC and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario are aware of the breach, and the hospital has confirmed the allegations.

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The leaks happened over two years. It’s not the first time staff at Ontario hospitals have misused patient information. There have been other breaches at unrelated facilities in Peterborough and Sault Ste. Marie.

Read the story here.

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I agree with Smith.39….RESP firms who tried to obtain information should be charged and their names should be made public.

Monday, July 21 @ 11:22 am //////


There’s little that a hospital can do to proactively guard against crooked employees. There’s little that delivering mothers can do to protect their medical information. What would be extremely helpful here is to name the RESP firms that are corrupt and morally destitute enough to actually buy this kind of data. That is information that advisors can actually use to good effect when guiding their clients.

Friday, June 27 @ 2:08 pm //////

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