CFA charterholders earned an average of $280,454 in 2014, up from $239,215 in 2011, finds a CFA Societies Canada survey.

The median compensation level of those surveyed was $147,550, meaning the highest income earners made significantly more than that.

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Respondents averaged 15 years of experience. Two-thirds of respondents held other degrees and designations in addition to an undergraduate degree and the CFA designation. In fact, 22% of respondents also had an MBA. More than half of people surveyed (53%) said they manage assets averaging $4.2 billion.

By position, total compensation was highest for equity and multi-asset PMs, as well as those in the C-suite. Total compensation was lowest for portfolio analysts, buy-side risk analysts, compliance/regulatory, and those in marketing and product development.

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Only 16% of respondents had base salaries of less than $75,000, while 35% had salaries over $200,000.

More than one-third of those surveyed worked for banks, insurance firms, and large pension plans. Top responsibilities included financial analysis, client relationship management, portfolio management and stock selection or analysis, strategy development and planning, and general management. Fewer specialized in activities like taxation, information technology, audit, management and cost accounting.

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