IA Clarington Investments is making enhancements to its Elite Program, which was launched in 2014.

First, the firm is launching Series FE. Investors in fee-for-service accounts will be eligible for fee discounts if they have minimum investments of $100,000 in single IA Clarington funds in single accounts. Investors will also receive tiered rebates as assets grow, and lower initial management fees.

Also, effective June 29, 2015, the firm is introducing additional series available for purchase. For example, the IA Clarington U.S. Dividend Growth Fund will now be available in Series FE, L, L6, T6 and F6. For more details, click here.

IA Clarington has also elected not to renew the simplified prospectus of the IA Clarington Canadian Mid Cap Dividend Fund. So, effective June 1, 2015, most series of that fund are no longer available for purchase, with the exception of Series I and O.

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