IIROC elected its board of directors at its AGM.

The board is as follows:

  • Michèle Colpron (independent director), corporate director and CPA
  • Rita Achrekar (dealer director), senior vice-president of Compliance, Scotiabank
  • Holly Benson (dealer director), vice-president, Finance and CFO, Peters & Co. Ltd.
  • Brian Heidecker (independent director), corporate director
  • Nicolas Thadaney (marketplace director), president and CEO, Global Equity Capital Markets, TMX Group
  • James Donegan, (independent director), co-founder and managing partner, AGAWA Partners
  • Marianne Harris, (independent director), corporate director
  • Edward Iacobucci, (independent director), dean, Faculty of Law,University of Toronto
  • Gerry O’Mahoney, (independent director), principal and founder, Tralee Capital Markets
  • Catherine Smith, (independent director), Corporate Director
  • Paul Allison, (dealer director), chairman and CEO, Raymond James Ltd.
  • Jean-Paul Bachellerie, (dealer director), president and COO, PI Financial Corp.
  • Luc Paiement, (dealer director), executive advisor to the president and CEO, National Bank of Canada
  • Thomas Wittman (marketplace director), executive vice-president, Head of Global Trading and Market Services Nasdaq

The board re-appointed Marianne Harris as chair and appointed Paul Allison as vice-chair.

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