On October 19th, the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada will host a public forum on high-frequency trading.

The forum will feature authors of academic papers produced for IIROC, including a recent research paper called “Liquidity Provision and Market Making by HFTs” (co-authored by Katya Malinova and Andreas Park). That paper examines the market-making behaviours of high-frequency traders, and describes how high-frequency market makers submit quotes and react to trades.

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IIROC’s analytics team will also present its paper on the impact of the dark rule amendments introduced in 2012.

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“It’s important to discuss how our markets are evolving,” says IIROC president and CEO Andrew Kriegler. Interested stakeholders can learn about the forum and register by clicking here.


In December 2014, IIROC published academic papers prepared by three academic teams, and the first academic paper from the fourth team was released in March 2015.

This impact analysis is the third phase of IIROC’s high-frequency trading study. It follows the publication of the first two phases of the study in December 2012, which objectively identified a study group of traders to offer a detailed analysis of their activities.

IIROC’s HFT Study has been designed to complement initiatives already adopted by IIROC to govern high-frequency and algorithmic trading. In particular, IIROC issued guidance on manipulative and deceptive trading in 2013.

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