Invesco Canada is opening new mutual funds and U.S.-dollar purchase options to its Invesco Private Wealth program, as well as adding two funds to its fee-based T-FLEX series.

Invesco Private Wealth provides preferred pricing to affluent investors who work with a financial advisor, through its Private Investor series (Series P). Investors who choose a fee-based account may access the program through Series PF.

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The following funds are now available in Series P and PF:

  • Invesco Canadian Balanced Fund
  • Invesco European Growth Class
  • Trimark Global Balanced Fund
  • Trimark Global Endeavour Fund
  • Trimark Income Growth Fund
  • Trimark Select Balanced Fund

Trimark Global Balanced Class is now also available in Series PF4 and PF6, which combine fee-based accounts with Invesco Private Wealth and Invesco Canada’s T-FLEX series.

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Additionally, Trimark Global Balanced Class and Trimark Global Dividend Class are both now available in Series F4 and F6. Both series provide investors in fee-based accounts with access to Invesco Canada’s T-FLEX series.

At the same time, Invesco Canada added a U.S.-dollar purchase option for the following Series P and Series PF funds:

  • Invesco International Growth Class
  • Trimark Global Balanced Fund
  • Trimark Global Balanced Class
  • Trimark Global Endeavour Fund
  • Trimark Global Endeavour Class
  • Trimark Global Fundamental Equity Class
  • Trimark U.S. Companies Class

With today’s additions, Invesco Private Wealth now includes 41 actively managed mutual funds, delivered through 104 separate series.

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Series P and Series PF are for investors with at least $100,000 in household assets invested in Invesco Canada funds. This threshold is within reach for many families as investors may link their personal accounts with those held by their spouse or family members residing at the same address.

Investors may also qualify for additional tiered management-fee rebates on higher asset levels. These rebates may be reinvested or received in cash.

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