Invesco Canada has announced it will provide industry-wide access to its Platform Traded Funds (PTF) structure through Aequitas PTF Connect.

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PTFs transact and settle like exchange-listed securities, using a streamlined process that eliminates unnecessary layers of cost. Investors benefit by having access to active management at a price comparable to that paid by institutional investors.

With PTFs, fee-based advisors place orders through their equity-trading systems as they would an ETF or stock, using the applicable PTF ticker symbol. There are no minimum investment requirements and orders are filled using end-of-day net asset value (NAV), avoiding bid-ask spreads. Since PTFs transact on an equity-trading systems, features like bulk trading are also available.

As a shared service, PTF Connect will be available to all fund companies and IIROC members in Canada. PTF Connect is on track to begin operating early in the first quarter of 2016.

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