This year, businesses will face more than slow economic and revenue growth. They’ll also face 10 key legal risks, says a new BLG report. Those include:

Increased scrutiny from tax authorities. There’s a global trend “towards greater tax transparency,” says the report, which “will only make revenue authorities more aggressive in seeking confidential information.” Read: 4 ways CRA is making it easier to file returns

A rise in privacy concerns. Privacy class actions triggered by data breaches are growing in popularity, the report says. As such, there are “between twenty and thirty privacy class actions currently pending or already certified.” Read: IIROC’s guide to boosting cyber security

Regulatory uncertainty. In 2016, the report says, “We expect that certain initiatives which have taken a long time to enact will impact Canadian public companies.” But, measures such as the CSA’s proposed takeover bid regime (which was announced in March 2015) have yet to be finalized.

The impacts of recent trade agreements. The report says, “the Trans-Pacific Partnership is considered to be the most comprehensive trade agreement presently in existence. Taking into account the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) that Canada concluded with the European Union last year, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and a growing number of bilateral trade agreements, Canada is entering into a new era of unprecedented free trade.” Read: How the TPP will benefit Canada

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CETA, et al; Compensations
Hormone treated milk production banned in Canada for health reasons (Corporate Canada pays milk farmers Compensation for their TPP demise & Compensation to milk consumers for health risks), or, was production banned to protect the milk farmers & industry (Corporate Canada may be off the hook if Foreign milk Labelled ‘Hormone Treated’ & with Health Tax)?

• Living with Litigious & Anti-Tort Corporate ‘America’;
So, You’ve Never Been Secretly Sued Before Off the Top of National
Budgets to Increase value of corporate shares & dividends…

• Is NZ signing a Kinder & less punishing Agreement for harmless taxpayers with China versus the U.S. lead TPPartnership?

• Is ‘The Submission’ to The Supreme Court of Canada, et al, ‘unnecessarily’ delaying the TPP, CETA, et al?

• Why not make Global Corporate Partners pay for ‘Privilege’ of joining TPP, et al?

• Has Canadian PM Trudeau Read & Understood the TPP, et al? When will he be prepared to answer the Questions re; TPP & its relationship to The WAD Accord’s Compensation & the Corporations of the TPP’s Contribution to it?

• Trade Treaty/’Arrangements’ Paid off from top of citizens taxes & not added to Deficits; services shrink & privatized to US corporations.

• Much More Taxpayer (non-Corporate America/Canada) paid for Litigation on the Way as Native Canadians, et al, look to Courts for Certainty (see; ‘Nexen’) re; Global Corporate ’Arrangements’ (treaties). Liberals (Canada) swear that they may not have had part of the Planning & Cover-up of The Residential Schools’ Native Canadian Cultural Genocide & Ordained Pedophile Rings?

• New PM Trudeau denies depriving Global Corporate Associates, et al, of Due Diligence info & questions in The WAD Accord’s Compensation? Contributions to WAD Compensation by Global Corporate Associates & citizens of TPP, China & EU nations with ‘informed consent’?

• Why are Corporate Canada’s Liberals ‘forgetting’ to tell its Global Corporate associates; promoters of TPP, CETA, C-CIT, et al, that they cannot & will not be able to supersede Native Human rights, consultations, et al? Proof of Good intentions in Prior, During & Follow-up Discussions Needed for ‘Foreign’ Treaties/’Arrangements’ with Vast Modifications prior to Implementation, or, Rejection. Anything besides Schedule of Tariff Reductions needs Native Approval.

• But, which international stockbrokers have not protected their clients from ‘The Submission’ to The Supreme Court of Canada? Another ‘unregulated’, designed, Wall St. ‘meltdown’, but, global via Treaties/’Arrangements’? And, who will protect the ‘harmless’ taxpayers?

PRESIDENT OBAMA, PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU (CAN.), the leaders of the other political parties operating in Canada, the executives of the parties, Leaders & citizens of the EU, China, the Trans-Pacific nations, et al;
After serving you with; “NOTIFICATION of Pre-existing CHALLENGE(s) to the C-CITreaty (FIPPA), the CETAgrement, the TPPartnership, et al” on, or, about, 2015,
do you think that it would prudent for both; Canadians & non-Canadian who are the potential shareholders & non-shareholders of the businesses, industries & enterprises that will be generated by, or, effected by, the aforementioned agreements, treaties, &/or, partnerships, to wait for the findings regarding:

‘The Submission’ to The SUPREME COURT of CANADA:
‘The SHAREHOLDERS & Corporations of AMERICA, China, Canada, the EU, the Trans Pacific nations, et al
the (harmless) Canadian NON shareholders, both; Native & non Native, et al’
(Excerpts of ‘The Submission’, see;
‘The MERKEL (Chancellor of Germany) Letter; To Sue, or, Be Sued?’

And, what, if anything, have you & the other leaders done that will ensure that those voters that have not been privy to the aforementioned agreements, treaties, &/or, partnerships, have the same, or, more time (ie. 10 years for non-lawyers) to read, consider, discuss, improve upon, &/or, reject, or, accept (with funding by corporate Canada to pay the requisite contingent of lawyers to work out; a) the dollar impact for the harmless taxpayers & the designers of the ‘original’ draft; corporate Canada and b) alternatives.

Furthermore, what is the schedule of punitive penalties that the voters will receive from Corporate Canada & the federal government if/when the TPP, et al, Tribunals try to take trade penalties from the top of the taxpayers budgets in order that the Tribunals’ penalties don’t interfere with expanding our spending for health care, education, CPP & other services. That is to say; the TPP penalties need to be at the bottom of the ‘balanced’ federal, et al, budgets; after all other payments, compensations & suits by the provinces/municipalities against corporate Canada & the federal government as per ‘The Submission’ to The Supreme Court of Canada (see; & ‘The MERKEL (Chancellor of Germany) Letter’ (see;

And, ‘finally’, Canadian provinces, such as, Alberta, that allow Canadian corporations to pollute, frack for LNG, etc., do not set precedents for all of Canada, it merely allows foreign/global signatories to do pollute, frack for LNG, etc. in the jurisdiction of Alberta, but, these foreign corporations must maintain rigorous environmental standards that will not challenge the neighboring provinces, &/or, the other effected jurisdictions. Under these & other circumstances the corporations are deemed liable & fit to be sued by all of the effected jurisdictions of Canada.

Please also remember Mr. Trudeau, et al, that if all of the harmless voters/taxpayers demand shares in the aforementioned businesses, industries& enterprises as a consequence of the encumbrances of their rights,& /or, the future marginalizing of their rights, the entire TPP & the other Global Corporate Treaties/’Arrangements’ come tumbling down as the cross-suing global corporations will be placed in the situation that we’ve discussed before whereby, the corporations will be in fact suing themselves without being able to totally pass along their liabilities, such as the secret Tribunals’ punitive penalties, to the harmless, voters/taxpayers.

And, as the need to compensate Canadian; dairy farmers, auto manufacturers, fishermen, et al, has been created by corporation Canada in order for it & its shareholders to benefit directly from their secret ‘arrangements’, do you understand the need for the compensations to be taken from the gross earnings (trillions of dollars over the life time of the secretly growing scope of the TPP, et al) of the businesses, industries & enterprises that will be generated by, or, positively affected by, the aforementioned agreements, treaties, &/or, partnerships,
and thus, the compensations will absolutely not be paid for in any part by the harmless voters/taxpayers, &/or, any of the potentially ‘indirect’ beneficiaries?

As always, I look forward to reading about your thoughts, your questions, your feelings, your improvements, etc., & those of your fellow party leaders, the executives of the parties, et al, regarding the enclosed.

If you should have any questions, or, problems with this issue, &/or, any other, I can be contacted at the numbers & addresses that I’ve previously provided you with.

David E.H. Smith
– Researcher
– ‘Qui tam…’

your signature

For the FULL Letter with various sub-titles, see; ***
FULL ‘Submission’, see; The Supreme Court of Canada’,
Or, Contact DEHSmith at
For FULL Article; ‘Well, You should have known’, see; ***
For more Information & Questions re; The Relationship between Human (Nature) Rights & Economics by way of the TTIP, the CET Agreement, TPP, C-CI Treaty, et al, and The WAD Accord & List of RECENT ARTICLES, LETTERS & NOTIFICATIONS by DEHS, see;
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