Adult children are relying on their parents for money, and this is putting a drain on the nest eggs of two-thirds of parents, finds CIBC.

In fact, 25% of parents are spending more than $500 a month to help their adult children cover expenses, such as rent, groceries and cell phone bills. Further, 47% say helping their kids financially has hampered their ability to save for themselves, and 20% have delayed retirement.

Where the money goes

The most common form of financial support that parents provide their adult kids is free room and board at home (71%), but many contribute towards other bills as well, including:

  • groceries/other household expenses (47%);
  • cell phone bills (35%);
  • car payments or vehicle related expenses (23%);
  • rent for their adult kids to live elsewhere (17%); or
  • debt repayments (12%).

“Living at home temporarily can be a smart way for young adults to save for the future or pay down student loans,” says Christina Kramer, executive vice-president of Retail and Business Banking at CIBC. “[But] these extra costs can be a burden that delay or prevent parents from meeting financial goals, and that’s why both parents and kids need to be mindful of their budgets.”

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