If you look back to the June 1998 edition of Advisor’s Edge—the very first—you’ll find the following phrases:

“The Financial Planning Standards Council wants the CFP made a requirement for people holding themselves out as financial planners.”

“Forget about selling investment products. What the million-dollar client really craves is your advice.”

“Clients of the future won’t accept all of the information you provide at face value. And they will seek a second opinion.”

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think those statements had been made today. Indeed, these evergreen issues have come up time and time again in the 20 years we’ve been publishing the magazine.

That said, there have been major changes, especially in how clients view the advisor’s role and in their available options. We share insights from four people who’ve played a prominent role in the industry in the last 20 years, and in Advisor’s Edge itself.

Click here to read the interviews with former OSC commissioner Glorianne Stromberg, Rogers Group Financial founder Jim Rogers, Planex Solutions Financières’ Larry Bathurst, and Stewart & Kett principal Cynthia Kett.

Read the 20 tips to be a better advisor we collected from clients and advisors across the country.

Originally published in Advisor's Edge

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