Mackenzie Investments has launched the Mackenzie Private Wealth Pools. Four of the pools are also offered as corporate class.

The pools require a minimum initial investment of $150,000, and are provided through Mackenzie’s Private Wealth Solutions program. They use a preferred management fee structure and include fixed-rate monthly payout options. A full list of the pools is below.

Mackenzie Private Canadian Money Market Pool: This pool generates income by investing in money market securities and bonds issued by Canadian governments and corporations, with maturities of up to one year.

Mackenzie Private Global Fixed Income Pool: This pool will maintain an overall average credit quality of A- or higher, and uses a free-to-roam strategy to generate income.

Global Balanced Pools (which include the Mackenzie Private Global Conservative Income Balanced Pool and Mackenzie Private Global Income Balanced Pool): These two pools invest in fixed-income and income-oriented equity securities, with the fixed income portions maintaining average credit quality of A- or higher. The equity portions invest in dividend-paying companies, and both pools offer fixed annual distributions of 4% to be paid monthly.

Mackenzie Private Income Balanced Pool: This pool invests in a combination of fixed-income Canadian securities and income-oriented equity securities. It offers a fixed annual distribution of 4% to be paid monthly and is available in corporate class.

Mackenzie Private Canadian Focused Equity Pool: This pool is also available in corporate class.

Mackenzie Private U.S. Equity Pool: This pool focuses on U.S. growth opportunities and dedicates a portion of its mandate to a U.S. low-volatility strategy. It’s available in corporate class.

Mackenzie Private Global Equity Pool: This pool includes exposure to the U.S., EAFE (Europe, Australasia and Far East) and emerging markets. It’s available in corporate class.

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