Canadians will spend an average of $15,000 on their weddings this year, says a new BMO survey.

They’ll stick to inviting about 100 guests, but nearly 40% of those polled say they can’t afford their ideal weddings.

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The survey finds people between the ages of 18 and 44 will spend the most (about $18,000), while engaged couples older than 65 will only spend about $5,000.

To pay for their big days, most couples plan to draw on investments or other savings to cover 60% of expenses. For the rest, they’ll depend on their:

  • parents (for 13% of total costs)
  • credit cards and lines of credit (for another 13% of total costs)
  • gifts and donations from family and friends (for 5% of total costs)

“Regardless of who’s covering costs, it’s important [for couples] to have open…conversations” about money, says Julie Barker-Merz, CEO of BMO InvestorLine.

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That’s key since only 28% of survey respondents are actively saving for their weddings. And, on top of paying for their weddings, Canadian couples plan to spend about $5,000 on their honeymoons.

Top destinations include: Hawaii (24%), the Caribbean (22%), Europe (18%), Australia or New Zealand (11%), and Canada (10%). For reference, says Barker-Merz, “two airline tickets from Toronto to Honolulu cost around $3,850, and a seven-night stay in a five-star hotel [can] run as high as $4,500.”

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She notes you help out clients by suggesting they use TFSAs to put aside funds and keep them separate from other savings.

Regional breakdown of results:

Region Average budget/average

# of guests

Average cost of honeymoon Can’t afford dream wedding Actively saving for wedding
National $14,761/100 $5,272 38% 28%
Atlantic $11,573/120 $3,541 32% 28%
Quebec $8,448/77 $3,278 43% 21%
Ontario $14,547/106 $4,905 35% 31%
Prairies $27,239/135 $18,703 34% 28%
Alberta $24,360/115 $4,969 40% 40%
B.C. $14,177/82 $4,836 40% 21%

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