Four in five Canadian investors (82%) believe the domestic economy will grow by 2% or less in 2016, according to a Sun Life Global Investments poll. Just one-third have an optimistic view of the domestic economy over the next five years.

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When it came to their own personal finances, Canadians are more optimistic. More than half (52%) stated they are either very optimistic (14%) or somewhat optimistic (38%) about their financial future over the next five years.

“Despite having low to moderate expectations about the domestic economy, Canadians continue to invest at home. They told us that only 12% of their portfolio, on average, is invested outside of Canada and only 16% of respondents say they plan to invest more in foreign assets in the next year,” says Rick Headrick, president of Sun Life Global Investments.

The survey also suggests Canadian investors are conservatively positioned. Survey respondents said 25% of their assets are held in cash, on average.

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