A majority of small business owners say policy plans will be the most influential factor determining their votes in the upcoming election, according to a CFIB survey.

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Nearly two-thirds (64%) chose the party’s platform as the factor that would most affect their choice; 20% said the party leader had the most influence; while 12% said it was the local party candidate who most informed their vote.

“Small business owners know as well as anyone that policies are what really matter in this campaign, given some of the key differences in approach among the various platforms,” said CFIB president Dan Kelly. “These results suggest that most small businesses are rightfully paying very close attention to the more substantial issues in the election campaign.”

Other survey results showed the election is a topic of discussion at many small businesses: close to 80% surveyed said it generated at least some discussion in their workplace.

The survey also found that of those who watch the federal leaders’ debates, more than half said the debates influence their vote.

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