RBC Global Asset Management has launched a Global Equity Focus Fund and an International Equity Currency Neutral Fund.

It’s also introduced series T5 units of its BlueBay Global Convertible Bond Fund.

The company launched the new offerings because “many investors are seeking ways to tap into global investment opportunities,” says Doug Coulter, president of RBC Global Asset Management.

The RBC Global Equity Focus Fund invests primarily in 30-70 high-quality companies from around the world. Stock selection is based on an understanding of the company, its business and outlook, and the fund is appropriate for medium-risk investors seeking a combination of wealth generation and wealth preservation.

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The RBC International Equity Currency Neutral Fund is a currency-hedged option of RBC International Equity Fund. It’s suitable for investors who are looking to diversify their equity portfolio outside of North America, and the bank says currency movements have a minimal effect on the fund’s returns due to a passive currency hedging strategy.


For its part, the bank’s existing global convertible bond fund is a fixed income solution that combines the security of bonds with the upside potential of equities. The fund offers the potential for enhanced diversification and risk management through access to the global convertible bond markets.

The new series T5 units (which are also available in corporate class) are structured to provide an annual payout in the form of tax-efficient monthly payments. The units are suited for investors and retirees who are looking to establish steady cash flow, while minimizing the tax impact of interest income.

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