On Friday, we published our Maclean’s-inspired take on how the securities industry would make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and invited you to share your own recipes.

Reader Valerie Petrie took the challenge and wrote in with her method for making a compliant PB&J sandwich. She’s given us permission to reprint it below:

1.  The compliance box stating “this item may contain peanuts” has not been ticked. Please have client tick the box and initial the change before submitting for consumption approval.

2.  If this is a jointly held PB&J, both owners must initial and sign the disclosure.

3.  Calories in relation to price must be reported net of fees.

4.  The risk profile is offside given the PB&J has a high risk for cardiovascular disease.

5.  The relationship status of the peanut butter to the jam must be disclosed as married or common-law.

6.  Please report whether any third party will have an interest in this sandwich.

7.  Please report the time horizon over which the PB&J will be consumed.

8.  The “Politically Exposed Foreign Bread” disclosure must be completed. Ask the client, “Do you or an immediate relative bake, or have ever baked bread in, or for, a country other than Canada?”

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Feeling inspired this holiday season? Write with your own recipe.

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