Scotiabank’s made changes to its closed residential mortgage interest rates, effective today.

It’s lowered its:

  • one-year closed mortgage to 3.29%, a decrease of 0.46%;
  • two-year closed mortgage to 3.14%, a decrease of 0.75%;
  • three-year closed mortgage to 3.44%, a decrease of 0.55%;
  • four-year closed mortgage to 3.94%, a decrease of 0.45%;
  • five-year closed mortgage to 4.79%, a decrease of 0.20%;
  • seven-year closed mortgage to 5.49%, a decrease of 0.50%; and its
  • 10-year closed mortgage to 6.04%, a decrease of 0.25%.

The bank’s also issuing a new four-year special rate of 2.94%.

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