While shares of Twitter have yet to hit the market, stocks of the unrelated Tweeter Home Entertainment Group have gotten a boost from over-excited investors.

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Shares in Tweeter closed up 684.6% on Friday, to five cents. The company sold consumer electronics until it declared bankruptcy in 2008, The Wall Street Journal says.

Tweeter’s stock ticker is TWTRQ, similar to Twitter’s chosen stock symbol of TWTR.

At one point, Tweeter’s stock reached 15 cents—a 52-week record—after opening at two cents this morning.  Its average trading volume soared from 85,747 to 14,358, 359.

FINRA halted trades on the stock at 12:42 pm. The regulator says the trades were an “extraordinary event” that could have “the potential to cause major disruption to the marketplace or significant uncertainty in the settlement and clearance process.”

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