Sprott Asset Management has launched the Sprott Real Asset Class, a mutual fund that offers exposure to infrastructure, timber and agriculture.

The fund will be sub-advised by Capital Innovations, with Michael Underhill and Susan Dambekaln serving as lead managers, and it will be available starting on July 16, 2014.

“Diversified allocation to real assets…has historically offered investors lower risk and the potential for enhanced returns,” says John Wilson, CEO of Sprott.


As part of the company’s corporate class offerings, the new fund will allow investors to switch between share classes on a tax-deferred basis. It will invest in a portfolio of mutual funds, as well as directly invest in stocks, REITs and master limited partnerships.

Sprott offers three other real asset funds (listed below) that are sub-advised by the same portfolio management team.

  1. Sprott Global Infrastructure Fund
  2. Sprott Timber Fund
  3. Sprott Global Agriculture Fund

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