When it comes to meeting new CRM2 reporting requirements, you may have more questions than answers. While some dealers are already delivering the new documents, the deadline to do so is July 14, 2017.

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So it’s no surprise that few attendees of the 2017 Registrant Regulation Conduct & Compliance conference say they’ve received client feedback on the documents. As well, most firms said they don’t plan to change how they deliver the documents for 2017, since they’re still figuring out what works in the first place.

During the event, two experts ran a peer-to-peer workshop where groups of attendees–which included advisors and compliance officers, among others–discussed their experiences with CRM2. Tushar Pai, CCO at Stonegate Private Counsel, and Richard Binnendyk, executive vice-president of Enterprise Wealth Management at Univeris, then identified common CRM2 challenges and best practices.

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