Your busy family oriented clients may be interested in this time-saving service.

A new service from Target means parents no longer need to dread the shopping slog required to outfit their university-bound kids’ dorm rooms, says Businessweek.

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Target is creating an mobile-friendly college registry that families can set up for their college-bound teens. To further appeal to tech-savvy youth, shoppers can choose items in- store using the barcode-scanning function on their iPod Touches rather than traditional scanning guns. Bed, Bath and Beyond has a similar service, but Target is enticing customers by offering a 5% discount to service subscribers.

But a registry doesn’t mean clients don’t have to teach their kids how to budget before they head off to school. We’ve rounded up some articles to help you get your clients, and their children, thinking about school budgeting.

And you can read read more on Target here.

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