For the second straight year, regulation sparked the top financial phrase: “Get ready for CRM2.”


Second-runner-up phrase of 2014

Runner-up financial phrase of 2014

The regulatory behemoth is well into the implementation stage, but the biggest changes are coming over the next two years. Top minds in the industry suggest seeing the new requirements as an opportunity to enhance client relationships, rather than as one more pile of new rules to comply with.’s reporters and expert contributors have hit all the key angles:

Meeting the challenge of CRM2

Understanding CRM2’s performance reporting requirements

Help clients understand CRM2

CRM will improve client decisions: IIAC

CRM2 could cause irrational client behaviour

Clients will gossip about bad service

Don’t lose clients over CRM2

Will there be a CRM3?

Regulators won’t stop at CRM2

CSA answers questions about CRM2

IIROC answers questions on CRM

Fee transparency boosts client satisfaction

CRM2 will challenge you

Firms need help handling CRM2 reforms, says IIAC

CRM2 requirements for 2014

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