To end the year we’re bringing you our Top 3 Financial Phrases of 2014. Beginning this week, and running through the week of December 15, we’ll post a package of material including coverage and analysis of some of the most important issues of the year.

To kick off the countdown, we give you our second runner up:

“There’s been a breach”

Threats from wily hackers have been top of mind in the financial services industry this year. The biggest data-breach story was the Heartbleed bug attack on CRA, which led to the theft of almost 1000 SINs. But it was hardly the only time we had to flag data-security issues. Here’s a roundup of our top headlines:

Warn clients about ATM loophole

5 ways to protect your clients’ data

3 cyber-shopping tips

Warn your clients about new computer scam

Your car can be hacked

900 SINs stolen from CRA

Not online? Computer can still get hacked

CRA leaks tax info on famous Canadians’ cultural donations

Cyber threats on the rise, but firms won’t fix tech

Target’s Q3 earnings rise 3.1% a year after data breach

Home Depot finds bug that affected 56 million credit cards

Hospital sued after employees sell patient data to RESP firms

Hackers compromise security of 47% of Americans

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