No one wants to lose money, but there’s an upside to the stocks in your clients’ portfolios that have taken a hit during the recession. You can help take the sting away from their investment losses.

There’s several ways of using those losses for tax advantages.

These client-friendly versions of articles you’ve seen on Advisor.ca will help you lead the conversation about what to do with investment losses with your clients:

Capitalize on Investment Losses

Financial stability in transitional times

The value of worthless stocks

Unload worthless stock

AdvisorToClient is designed to make sharing our content with your clients easy. Use the site’s Action Steps, Conversation Starters and other tools help energize your client relationships.

They’re easy to share, just use the email tool in the upper right on each article page, or use LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. Don’t worry, the versions you send clients won’t link back to AdvisorToClient or Advisor.ca.

Your clients are concerned about the value of their investments, and what it means for their wallets. These articles will help you reassure them and re-invigorate their enthusiasm for investing.

There are many more helpful resources to explore on a variety of financial advising topics at AdvisorToClient.

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