In Canada, ETFs and ETPs gathered US$484 million in net new assets in June, according to preliminary Q2 data from ETFGI, an independent research firm.

When combined with positive market performance, that pushed the ETF industry in Canada to a new record high of US$65.7 billion invested.

Over the same period, U.S. ETFs and ETPs gathered US$24.6 billion in net new assets. Those inflows also boosted the U.S. ETF market to a new record high. Now, there’s US$1.86 trillion invested.

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ETFGI found that aside from the Canada and U.S., many other countries and regions also reached new highs in Q2. Globally, there’s US$2.64 trillion invested in ETFs, and Europe (US$470 billion), Asia Pacific, excluding Japan (US$96.7 billion), Japan (US$90.1 billion) are examples of other market leaders.

“In June, investors [put] almost all net new money into equity exposures, with the U.S. and emerging markets being the preferred allocations,” says Deborah Fuhr, managing partner at ETFGI.

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“The S&P 500 index [was up] 7% at the end of Q2 2014,” she adds. “Internationally, developed markets gained 2% and emerging markets are up 4%.”

Throughout the quarter, equity ETFs and ETPs saw the largest global net inflows year-to-date, with US$49.2 billion. These were followed by fixed-income funds (US$21.0 billion). On the down side, commodity funds experienced net outflows year-to-date of US$2.41 billion.

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