Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is joining the Brookings Institution, a policy think tank based in Washington, reports Reuters.

Bernanke stepped down as head of the Federal Reserve on Friday. During his eight-year tenure, adds Reuters, he dealt with the financial crisis and policy upheaval.

In a recent blog post, Brookings member David Wessel calls Bernanke’s tenure “tumultuous.” He adds, “Bernanke has been presiding over an historic experiment in monetary policy—more than five years of zero interest rates…and trillions of dollars in bond-buying, [along with] a controversial approach aimed at restoring growth to the American economy.”

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Bernanke will now have time to reflect on his years at the Fed, he says. Bernanke also plans to write a book and help the Brookings Institute educate the public about the role of monetary policy.


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