Manitoba takes top honours when it comes to charitable giving, says a Fraser Institute report.

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“Manitoba had the highest percentage of tax filers that donated to charity among the provinces (25.3%) during the 2013 tax year while New Brunswick had the lowest (20.0%). Manitoba also donated the highest percentage of its aggregate income to charity among the provinces (0.81%).”

Quebec, the study found, was least generous in terms of aggregate income.

“The general trend in recent years is that a declining percentage of Canadian tax filers are donating to charity and they are donating less as a percentage of income,” says the report.

Comparing Canada and the U.S., the study shows Americans are more generous overall: 21.8% of Canadian tax filers donated to charity, compared to 25% in the U.S. Moreover, “[t]he percentage of aggregate income donated was generally less in the Canadian provinces and territories than in the U.S. states.”

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