Central bankers are split on what to do about interest rates, says Benjamin Tal, deputy chief economist at CIBC.

He and a number of portfolio managers are speaking at the CIBC Renaissance Roadshow today in Toronto.

Advisor Group is there and live-tweeting the best insights from the experts.

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Here are some of our tweets so far:

“When talking about U.S. interest rates with clients, discuss impact of labour issues; are they cyclical or structural?”

“In Canada, the central bank as an agenda, says Tal. When interest rates rise will depend on plans for loonie.”

“The bond market is saying ‘be afraid,’ says Benjamin Tal, while the stock market is more optimistic.”

“Eurozone, says Benjamin Tal, is not a normally functioning economy. Governments are lending to banks and vice versa.”

“The zone will survive its next recession[…] Merkel talks tough but acts dove.”

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Tal kicked off presentations this morning. We’ll also tweet remarks from Grant Shorten, director of strategic insights at Renaissance Investments; Jamie Golombek, managing director, tax and estate planning at CIBC Private Wealth Management and others.

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