Last month, I wrote about the ways advisors can optimize their LinkedIn profile (Read: How to create a professional LinkedIn profile)

Now, I’m going to show you how you can attract more leads and clients using your LinkedIn connections.

Once you have completed your profile and ensured it speaks to your ideal clients and industry connections, you’re ready to begin using the platform as a powerful lead generation tool.

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1. Find current contacts

Use LinkedIn search to find your existing business contacts and connect with them. Pull out your little black book and start sending connection requests one-by-one. Though it might be a bit tedious at first, it’s worth the effort.

TIP: Don’t send invites via email. Always search through LinkedIn’s website and send connection requests through the site. Importing your email contacts to send invitations wastes your limited amount of LinkedIn invites (3,000 total), so avoid this practice.

2. Use advanced search

Once you’ve exhausted all of your existing contacts, you’ll need to start looking outside your network. And advanced search can help you do this. Though certain features are only accessible to those with paid LinkedIn accounts, you can still access key features from the free version. These include filtering by industry, relationship and location.

advanced search

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