LinkedIn should be your primary focus when it comes to social media.

Not only is it the preferred network for professionals and high-income earners, but people are also twice as likely to trust what they read on LinkedIn than on any other available platforms.

And since your profile is the foundation of your success on LinkedIn, you need to make sure it reflects you and your business.

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Before you start making connections and networking, though, it’s crucial for you to take the time to completely fill out your profile. Also ensure it speaks directly to the type of clients and prospects you’re looking to attract.

Here are 7 ways to optimize your profile:

1. Display Picture

The first thing people look at is your picture, so it’s imperative that it looks professional. An actual photographer should take it, because even cropping yourself out of a great picture from a recent event won’t cut it.

display picture example

2. Headline

Your headline should be catchy. It also has to include at least one of the keywords you want to be associated with. Using the description “CEO” or “Owner” doesn’t bring you closer to your target market or set you apart from the crowd, so start with the same terms your clients are likely to use when searching for your services online.

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headline example

3. Summary Section

If your summary is more of a bio or a resume, you won’t attract many prospects. Your summary lets you speak directly to your potential clients, and should be used to tell them why you’re their best choice. Tell them exactly what services you offer, what you’ll do to help solve their problems, and always keep your wording client-focused. Also be specific about your target market, so they can self-select and identify themselves as potential clients.

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