What happens when you need to email or upload multiple files, but you’re only allowed to upload one?

Use files with a .zip extension.

Also known as zip files, they’re like folders and can contain multiple files and folders. They can be used in situations where regular folders will not work.

Assume you have three folders with several files in each and you want to email them to someone.

When you try to attach the folders to the email, the folders open up and only allow you to attach the files inside. This is also usually true for websites that allow you to upload files.

You can’t attach or upload the folders themselves, unless you put them in a zip file. The zip file (containing folders containing files) can be emailed or uploaded.

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My favourite program for working with zip files is called jZip. I like it because:

  • It’s free.
  • It installs quickly.
  • There are no surprises.
  • I can teach you how to use it three simple steps.

1. To create a zip file, right-click your desktop or inside a folder and select new > jZip archive file, then name the file.

2. To add files and folders to the zip file, drag them into the zip file (the files will be copied, not moved). The zip file does not have to be open to drag files in.

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3. To extract files from the zip file, open the file and drag the files out.

Other points

  • Zip files can be used to email multiple files in one attachment.
  • Recipients can use any zip software to extract the files. It does not have to be jZip.
  • Installing jZip will change all your existing zip file icons. They will look like this:
  • When you extract files from a zip file you are copying them to another location.
  • Once the files are extracted, the zip file is redundant and can be deleted.

David Dagley, CFP®, is a software developer and Adobe javascript expert, with 15 years of financial planning experience. He is the owner and president of Forms Doctor Inc., a company specializing in workflow automation solutions and financial planning calculators for investment dealers, financial advisors, and investment firms.
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Thank you for your jzip article. I downloaded it. Just wondering if you can do a 123 on how to use jzip to send files?
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