For many clients, spending $32,358 on a wedding–average cost of a wedding in 2013–isn’t smart financial planning.

But just because they don’t have the funds for their dream weddings doesn’t mean they have to make do without. There are ways to cut costs without trimming  guests.

One unique option is crowdfunding; a couple from Michigan managed to raise $4,200 for their wedding. The problem is this method may make guests feel obligated to contribute, and Canadians are already thrifty when purchasing wedding gifts.

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Or, your client could find some smart savings at the bar. If your client limits alcohol options to beer, wine and champagne, they can save thousands of dollars.

And, booking a wedding on a Saturday could increase your client’s venue fees. Many places charge food and beverage minimums on Saturdays, so suggest that your client instead choose a Friday or Sunday event instead, and this could save upwards of 10% of the cost of a location.

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