Clients can choose between TFSAs and RRSPs, or they can use both to build their retirement savings.

In either case, they’ll need help figuring out which option will help them meet their savings goals.

Before your meeting, most clients will likely do some Internet research. Here are the top 10 results they might get when searching the term “TFSAs” (search results may vary):

Result #1

Google search result #1: TFSA


This government page explains TFSA basics. It also discusses how the accounts are treated after death, along with several situations where account holders could be taxed. (Read: Educate clients about TFSA stipulations)

Result #2

Google search result #2: TFSA


Wikipedia’s TFSA page is thorough, though some of its references are dated. It discusses the history and benefits of TFSAs, as well as how over-contribution rules work. Address these topics when clients open TFSAs (Read: Set-and-forget investments)

Result #3

Google search result #3: TFSA


This page offers a list of Financial Post’s TFSA-related articles. It includes many videos, infographics and tips, so clients could need help digesting the material.

Result #4

Google search result #4: TFSA


This Financial Post article says most Canadians are putting cash or conservative investments (e.g. GICs) in their TFSAs. The author notes putting riskier investments in the account requires in-depth research and risk management. If clients have read such articles, help them consider both sides of the argument before making financial decisions.

Results #5 and #10

Google search result #5: TFSA
Google search result #10: TFSA


TD Bank offers four tabs about TFSAs. The chart on the third tab, which compares registered savings plans and TFSAs, is worth sharing. The tenth search result, offered by RBC, also includes helpful resources for retail investors.

Result #6

Google search result #6: TFSA


The CRA’s page outlines the types of investments and life events TFSA holders should be aware of. The agency also offers several forms, guides and worksheets. (Read: Canadians don’t understand TFSAs)

Result #7

Google search result #7: TFSA


The author of this article is an expert on the telecom sector. He concedes he’s not a tax expert and he’s written this article for growth investors only.

Result #8

Google search result #8: TFSA


This page refers readers to the CRA, and to the government’s official page about TFSAs.

Result #9

Google search result #9: TFSA


The Investor Education Fund compares RRSPs and TFSAs. It also offers links to videos and case studies clients may find useful.

Key search terms

Canadians searched the term “TFSA” more than 14,000 times a month, on average, over the last 12 months, finds the Google keyword tool.

It shows they searched for “tax-free savings account” an average of 8,100 times a month over the same period.

To learn how to best use these keywords to drive your website or blog traffic, read: Help clients find you online.

For more on TFSAs read:

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